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Acer Liquid E700 reviews

Acer Liquid E700 tests

The Liquid E700 caught our attention due to its triple-SIM capacity a

nd managed to hold our interest with its overall performance. We particularly liked its smooth, responsive interface, sizeable inte…

Note: A review of the Acer Liquid E700 smartphone that comes out with an overall great impression and you are even able to put three sim cards in the phone.

Ratings at DigitalVersus (indexed). Max: 100. Min: 20. Average: 74.

Ranked at DigitalVersus (indexed):

  • Past 12 months
    • #101 of 168 in all rated reviews
    • #28 of 58 in android smartphone
  • All time
    • #121 of 199 in all rated reviews
    • #28 of 58 in android smartphone

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Acer Liquid

Acer launched the Liquid E700 smartphone with triple SIM support last month. Apart from the triple SIM support, the smartphone comes with several attractive

Note: The test shows that the Acer Liquid E700 is a good smartphone that supports three simcards, but camera isn’t that good and have a hard time in hard light situations.

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Acer Liquid E700 rating and rank

Acer Liquid E700

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

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